Battery Backup:

Our battery backup ensures your Overhead Door™ opens and closes even in power outages. Avoid manually opening and closing the door with this affordable backup plan. Charge your battery for 48 hours for up to 50-cycles in 24 hours.


  • Compatibility: Our battery backup works with our Destiny and Odyssey ® garage door openers.
  • Industry Leading Parts: Interstate Batteries ® powers our Battery Backup and is America’s #1 battery replacement.
            overhead door battery backup

            Shenandoah Valley Weather Can Cause Power Outages.

            Parts of the Shenandoah Valley are known for regular power outages throughout the year. If you’ve considered a generator for your home, but have chosen not to make that investment, our backup battery is a smart, affordable choice. With it providing the power you can ensure you’re able to get your car out of the garage without manually lifting the door.

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