Dock Levelers:

Our McGuire dock levelers are designed with a heavy-duty steel frame and are available in standard and custom sizes.



  • Rear Hinge: A full-width rear hinge makes each dock leveler more powerful and durable.
  • Options To Fit Your Budget: Each leveler is available as hydraulic, air powered, or mechanical. Each offers features to work for your investment.
  • Unique Applications: We offer edge-of-dock levelers and vertical storing dock levelers to industries with specific needs
  • Smooth Performance. Our McGuire loading dock levelers are designed to operate smoothly and without a hiccup.
  • Multiple Sizes: Each type of leveler comes in a variety of sizes to fit your loading dock.

        Serving The Shenandoah Valley.

        Our broad service area stretches the length of the Shenandoah Valley. Our Overhead Door™ sales representatives visit your warehouse to discuss your needs and provide smart recommendations to add value to your loading dock. For businesses with multiple branches in our service area, we are an ideal source for one stop equipment sales and support.

        Strong Products & Good People Are Our Strengths.

        We offer superior products from both Overhead Door Corporation™ and McGuire. The durability of their products makes them reliable, smart vendors for our company. Their customer service allows us to provide superb service to our clients. As an ESOP organization, we’re able to offer our employees the opportunity to invest in their future with Overhead Door™ personally. With that attractive feature, we’re able to get smart, talented people to join our team and stick with us for years at a time. Learn more about our team and contact us to get started with professional equipment for your facility.

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