OHD Anywhere® App:

Through a sensor attached to the Overhead Door™ opener, your smartphone or tablet is alerted whenever your garage door opens or closes, even if it’s manually engaged. This feature is perfect for working parents with kids at home after school and for those who travel. Find peace of mind with added security when you choose the OHD Anywhere® App.



  • Instant Information: Know instantly if your garage door is engaged.
  • Out Of The Area Control: Open and close your garage door from your cell phone. Schedule repairs and deliveries without being home or worrying about the security of your property.
  • Check Your Door’s Status: Open the app and check to see if your garage door is currently open or closed. Get detailed reports of the open and close history of your door.
  • Compatibility: This app is downloadable and works on Apple’s iphone and Android devices.
  • Ideal For: Everyone with a smartphone who leaves their house daily. Great for parents with kids and those with busy schedules.

            See How It Works.

            We invite you to visit our showroom to see how the OHD Anywhere® App works. It’s a fantastic accessory for anyone who currently uses Alexa or any other smart-home technology. Our experienced professionals show you how it works so you can determine if it’s a feature you want.

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