The Overhead Door RSX ® operator is designed for standard duty applications. It is ideal for rolling doors and meets strict application standards.



  • Mounting Options: We install the RSX in the manner that works best for rolling and sectional doors.
  • Motor Specs: Continuous duty motors are available in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 horsepower, in single or 3-phases.
  • Non-Ventilated & Ventilated: Options include totally enclosed non-ventilated (TEMV) and totally enclosed fan cooled construction (TEFC)
  • Soft Stop: Our DC brake system softly stops your door to minimize wear and tear.
  • Easy To Operate: Our LCD display is easy to operate and read with 16-characters. Self-diagnostics run to ensure your operator is functioning as intended.

            Professionally Designed Systems For All Applications.

            Our experienced team of professionals visits each jobsite or reviews blueprints to design systems that maximize your efficiency and add value to your business. Your equipment is sized appropriately for your industry, and all working components include the parts and pieces necessary to operate. Are you interested in multiple options? When possible, we’ll give you several choices to consider with an explanation of the features and benefits of each.

            Emergency Support When Problems Occur.

            No matter the nature of your problem, we offer emergency services to get your door up and running as soon as possible. For a minimal fee, we’ll schedule our visit to your jobsite and make any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently to get you back on your feet. Give us a call to discuss your emergency. We also offer repair services and preventative maintenance to all our residential and commercial clients. Contact a member of our team to learn more.

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