Scissor Lifts:

Our Advance Lifts heavy-duty steel scissor lifts allow you to move and store products easily.



  • Multiple Applications: Our options include mezzanine lifts, scissor lift tables, dock lifts, and work access lifts to accommodate your needs.
  • Load Capacity: We offer scissor lifts with different weight capacities for diverse applications.

      We Consider Multiple Elements When We Quote Your Scissor Lift.

      There are several factors we consider when pricing and selling scissor lifts which is why it is best for us to visit your facility or review your blueprints. Here’s our guide:

      1. What: What products do you need to move with your scissor lift? What are their weight and size?
      2. How: How do you intend to load and unload your products from the scissor lift? Will you roll, lift, place, or slide the product?
      3. Power: What are your electrical power limitations at your facility? Can your system accommodate the electrical requirements of heavier duty lifts?

      We Offer Professional Equipment Maintenance.

      To preserve your investment, we offer preventative maintenance, repair, and emergency services for all our loading dock equipment, doors, and operators. Residential and commercial clients can count on experienced technicians to diagnose any issues and repair them as quickly as possible. We keep your facilities running through smart planning, experienced support, and attention to detail. Contact a member of our team to discuss your options.

      Our Local Team Is Invested In Your Business.

      Each member of our ESOP team is given the opportunity to invest in Overhead Door of Shenandoah Valley. This personal investment by each member of our staff creates a cohesive unit that works together to keep your business supplied with the best products we can offer. Learn more about our team to get started.

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